Sealing Records in Arkansas

Seal your criminal record with Bo Morton! For the last 25 years, he has specialized in expungement and record sealing.


We will work with you to seal your conviction and help you move on to your next stage of life.


In the modern criminal justice systems, violators of the law will be faced with a term of imprisonment in jail or prison, fines, probation, or more.

After completing his sentence, an offender has paid his debt to society. However, that is often just the beginning of the consequences.  

Further consequences of conviction may include:

  • loss of the right to vote
  • inability to obtain certain occupational and professional licenses
  • restrictions on purchasing or possessing firearms
  • limits on social support and benefits

Many of these consequences can be mitigated by sealing of your Arkansas criminal records.

Morton-Law is here to help you do exactly that and free you to move forward.

If you need your record sealed for an offense in  in Arkansas, we are here! No matter where you live, we can help!

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