Possession – How Can I Help My University of Arkansas Student?

University students often face additional issues aside from dealing with the criminal system when they get into trouble. Charges of possession, for example, can be confusing, but with our help, we will guide you through the process. Your University of Arkansas student may also hear from the Office of Student Standards and Conduct (“OSSC”) after an arrest. Having some knowledge about dealing with the OSSC disciplinary process can help guide you and your student through the process.


Levels of Offenses

There are different levels of offenses in the disciplinary process. Offenses like public intoxication, minor in possession, and possession of a fraudulent ID are all level one offenses, the least serious level. 

Most of the time, these level one offenses do not involve formal disciplinary action, meaning an offense of this nature will not affect student standing at the University. Level two offenses and up do involve disciplinary action, and will affect student standing.


First Meeting

Most encounters with the OSSC begin with an informal meeting with a hearing officer. During this informal meeting, the hearing officer will go over the allegations with your student. The hearing officer will have access to student records, police reports, and witness statements, if any. Copies of these documents will be provided to your student. 

After going over the allegations, the hearing officer will propose a sanction, and this sanction will either be formal or informal. At this point, your student can either accept the sanction proposed by the hearing officer or ask for a second, more formal hearing.


Second Hearing

If your student asks for a second hearing, they will have an opportunity to get their own witnesses and prepare their defense. These witnesses can testify either in person or by letter. Rules of evidence do not apply at these hearings, and hearsay is admissible. Also, your student has no right to counsel at these hearings, but they do have a right to an advisor. The advisor can be anyone your student chooses, but many people find it helpful to have an attorney. The attorneys at the Law Office of George B. Morton will be happy to assist you through this process.


Possession Information

Possession is a confusing topic, if you are looking to see what kind of possession charges you could face here is our blog on Arkansas Possession Laws. For more information, give us a call or stop by our office today to ensure your student has the best lawyer for the job.


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