The Need to Know About Failure to Appear

When an individual is asked to appear in court but fails to show up, the judge could issue a warrant for arrest based on the failed appearance, known as an FTA Bench Warrant or a Failure to Appear. The most common violation involves traffic charges where people forget to show. In this article, it will explain what an FTA warrant means, what options you have, and how you can correctly turn yourself incorrectly.

What Happens If You Fail To Appear?

An FTA is a criminal offense which can result in additional issues. Once a bench warrant has been issued, these things could happen:

  • Routine traffic stops can result in arrests
  • Denied Bail
  • Held in jail after arrest
  • Additional charges for failing to appear
  • License may be suspended

How Long Does It Stay On My Record?

Charges will stay on your record until the warrant and established things are finished connected to the warrant.

How Do I Handle An FTA Charge?

If your charges are “severe,” then we recommend you contact an attorney quickly. Once a warrant is there are only a few ways to get it removed:

  • Making an appearance and surrendering yourself
  • By getting arrested, and taken to jail until appearing in court
  • Your attorney establish an agreement with the court

Attorneys would tell you to turn yourself in, but the decision is up to you in the end, on your own will, instead of trying to avoid the police.

What Are The Consequences?

FTA charges and circumstances can vary in severity, and it will be hard to have a comfortable idea of what will happen. The new fees typically depend on the crime that you failed to attend court for in the first place, but the court will decide if jail time will happen, could prolong many different aftermath problems.

Your license may also be on suspension if you fail to address an FTA warrant. The DMV can decide to suspend your license, and it is illegal for you to drive a motorized vehicle.

How Do I Turn Myself In? What Happens When I Turn Myself In?

The police will not show up at your house looking for you with a bench warrant. Charges will only become more severe as time progresses, meaning turning yourself in sooner rather than later is essential. Before you turn yourself in, you should already have an attorney planned out. Also before turning yourself in, set up your bail.

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