3 Ways Morton Law Group Can Help Your Student in a Disciplinary Case

What Sets Us Apart

At Morton Law Group, we know how

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important your student is to you and your family. You have invested time, money, and energy into their education and their future. We know how difficult it is towatch your child endure a criminal law case and we want you to know that we’re here to help. Here are three reasons why we are your go-to criminal defense lawyers for your student in Fayetteville, Arkansas at The University of Arkansas.


Your Child Will Not Be Alone Through the Process

When your student is required to appear in front of the University’s J-Board, our team will be there with them. Should your child be required to appear in court, we will go with them. You may be hours away, but we are just steps off campus on historic Dickson Street. We are here to bridge the gap between you and your student during a time when they may need help and direction. Whether it be a DWI, DUI, shoplifting, or anything else; we are here to help.

We’ve Done This Before

We’ve been in Washington County for over 20 years. We have strong relationships in the community and know the court system inside and out. Representing students has been an important part of our practice for as long as we’ve been around. For us, it does not end in the courtroom. We want to keep open communication with your student and see them complete their degree. We know your student will go on to be successful in whichever path they choose.

We Can Help Your Student Avoid Most Court Appearances and Keep their Record Clean

We know the importance of an education and everything you’ve done to get your child where they are today. We understand and care about the future of your student. We are almost always able to Legal Counsel for Fayetteville Springdale and Washington County Arkansas best Criminal Lawkeep their record clean and get them back on the right path to succeed and graduate from The University of Arkansas. We are both fathers with kids of our own and know how hard yet rewarding parenting can be. We are here to make sure one mistake does not turn into a lifetime of regret.


Need Help?

If your student is in need of legal help, call George B. Morton with Morton Law at 479-587-9988. Arkansas’s best Criminal Law Experts in the Fayetteville, Springdale, and Washington County areas.

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