Battery in College

Leaving home and starting over in a different city with people from all over the country is usually new territory for college students. College comes with new situations that can put students in tricky situations. And unfortunately, these different stressors can lead to legal troubles, such as when battery occurs.

Football Season

Football season and tailgating finally arrive after long months of waiting for fans. With college football comes drinking, drinking, and more drinking. Drinking is never a good mix when it comes to large groups of people. Fights can happen during football season against other fans or even one of your best friends over a simple argument. Be aware of the situation and always choose to walk away instead of acting on your feelings. You may come to regret the latter.


When it comes to roommates, it is always a sticky situation figuring out what to do when fights happen. However, battery is not a light subject and should always be taken seriously. If you or someone you know has experienced a situation where a roommate has been violent, reach out to an attorney. Tackling this important issue head on could prevent someone else getting hurt in the future.

Battery College

Dickson Street

Whether it is after a football game or just any other Friday night in Fayetteville, Dickson Street can make a lot of memories for you and your friends, but can also cause a lot of problems. Tempers get high when environments are stocked full of alcohol. Once the police get involved, there is no going back. Consider it best to leave any situation where voices are being raised and there is a possibility of battery occurring.

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Looking for more information on the different ins and outs of battery? Check out our other blogs, with topics that include the difference between battery and assault. They are different charges that can be confusing to those without knowledge of the legal terminology!

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