Battery in College

When it comes to college it is a new territory for any young person. Leaving home and starting over in a different city with people from all over the country. With college comes new situations that could put someone in a tricky decision. The topic of battery can happen as easy as freshman year even if someone may not think it is possible. 

Football Season

Football season has finally arrived after long months of waiting for the tailgating, fans, and college football. With college football comes drinking, drinking, and more drinking. Drinking is never a good mix when it comes to large groups of people. Fights can always happen during football season against other fans or even one of your best friends over a simple argument. Beware of the situation and always pick to walk away instead of acting on your feelings.


When it comes to roommates it is always a sticky situation of what to do when fights happen. However, battery is not a light subject and should always be taken seriously. If you or someone you know have had a roommate go through a situation where a roommate has been violent tell them to reach out to an attorney. It is an important topic to take head on and could prevent someone else getting hurt in the future.

Battery College

Dickson Street

Whether it is after a football game or just any other Friday night in Fayetteville. Dickson street can make a lot of memories for you and your friends, but can always cause a lot of problems. Tempers get high when environments are stocked full of alcohol. Once the police get involved there is no going back in any situation that battery is involved. Always leave a situation where voices are being raised are

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