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Arkansas Possession Laws

What is a Controlled Substance in Arkansas? A controlled substance is a drug falling in the unlicensed spectrum, which can affect or harm a person health and future wellbeing. The classification of controlled substances in Arkansas is divided up into six schedules that are arranged by their dependency …

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The Difference between an Employee and a Contract Worker

In the wake of increased government regulation including the Affordable Care Act, many employers have misclassified their employees as “contractor workers.”  In response, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) has issued an Administrator’s Interpretation to clarify the difference between employees and contract workers. The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) …

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Expungement Legal Terms

Expungement and/or Sealing:  “sealing” means the procedure and effect as defined in the Comprehensive Criminal Record Sealing Act of 2013, § 16-90-1401 et seq. Effect of Expungement and/or sealing:  A person whose record has been sealed under this subchapter shall have all privileges and rights restored, and the …

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