Minor in Possession Morton law

Minor in Possession

In Arkansas, possession is a tricky topic, but for more information check out this blog. Arkansas’s minor in possession statute is unique from the general rule. We are here to help you better understand the nitty-gritty of possession and the consequences. Minor in Possession Typically, to “possess” something …

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Arkansas Shoplifting Law

Shoplifting is the act of taking or the intention of taking an item in a place of business without paying money in exchange. In Arkansas, individuals who shoplift are charged with Theft of Property. Punishment for Shoplifting Most punishments will depend on the value of the item stolen. …

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Legal Counsel for Fayetteville Springdale and Washington County Arkansas best Criminal Law experts in expungements

Expungement in Arkansas

Expungement Expungement is a court-ordered process where the legal record of an arrest or criminal conviction is removed from the eyes of the law, but not destroyed. Arrest or conviction records are sealed and therefore treated as confidential material. In Arkansas, when a person meets the requirements to …

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