Expungement Legal Terms

Expungement and/or Sealing:  “sealing” means the procedure and effect as defined in the Comprehensive Criminal Record Sealing Act of 2013, § 16-90-1401 et seq. Effect of Expungement and/or sealing:  A person whose record has been sealed under this subchapter shall have all privileges and rights restored, and the …

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Criminal Defense for University of Arkansas Students shoplifting assault expungement

Fayetteville Law: Q&A

Fayetteville Law: Q&A with Bo Morton Fayetteville’s law community is unlike any other. Having a lawyer who understands the unique landscape can help you achieve the best results possible. Fayetteville native Bo Morton is what he calls a “second career” lawyer. At the age of 40, he went …

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Football battery College

Battery in College

Leaving home and starting over in a different city with people from all over the country is usually new territory for college students. College comes with new situations that can put students in tricky situations. And unfortunately, these different stressors can lead to legal troubles, such as when …

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Morton Law shoplifting

What is Shoplifting?

In Arkansas, Shoplifting is charged as Theft of Property. The punishment for shoplifting will depend on the value of the items stolen. The following shows fines, punishments, and the amount of money value stolen:   Class A Misdemeanor Value of the stolen goods is $1,000 or less, Up …

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