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Cleaning Up Criminal Records in Arkansas for 25 Years

When you or your loved one is facing criminal charges, you want to know you have the absolute best legal representation.

This means hiring an attorney that will listen carefully to your circumstances, explain your options, and get you the best possible outcome.

Bo Morton is a Fayetteville native and has been practicing criminal defense law in Washington County since 1995. He works with all the police departments, prosecuting attorneys, and judges in Northwest Arkansas and knows how to navigate effectively through the criminal justice system.

He’s a criminal law expert and specializes in Sealing Records (Expungements).

And if you have been convicted, he can petition the court in an effort to have your civil rights restored. Bo and his team specialize in sealing criminal convictions from public records.

When you want results, you want Bo.

Bo Morton Attorney at Law best lawyer in Washington County Arkansas

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