Do You Need Your Criminal Records in Arkansas Sealed?

  • Can’t pass the background check for a new job?
  • Financial institutions won’t give you the best rates because of past criminal convictions?
  • You want to adopt a child but that old shoplifting conviction doesn’t pass the criminal history check?
  • You want your voting rights back?

With a clean record, getting that job, that loan, or that adoption can become a reality. You can have peace of mind that you’ve learned from your mistakes and can leave them in the past. 

Bo Morton Attorney at Law best lawyer in Washington County Arkansas

Hi. I'm Bo Morton.

I seal records for the people in Arkansas who have convictions and have completed their sentences. I’ve specialized in sealing records for the past 25 years. If your records can be sealed, I will get them sealed, so you can get back to living your life and not living in the past.

I have a time-tested three step process for cleaning up your records:

Step One – Fee Consultation – 15 minutes

Step Two – Research Official Records – 1 week

Step Three – Complete Case – about 30 days

What much does it cost to seal my records?

Step One – Free Consultation

  • “Free” means free
  • Fill out the form and give us the basics of your case
  • We’ll give you a quick 15-minute call to review your details

Step Two –  Research Official Records

  • One-time $50 Research Fee
  • We’ll get you to sign an Authorization Form and take a Photo of your Driver’s License
  • We’ll request your official criminal records from the Arkansas Crime Information Center
  • We’ll review the ACIC report to determine:
    • The complete details of your convictions
    • What laws will apply to your case
    • If we can we indeed get your records sealed
    • How much it will cost to seal your records

Step Three – Complete Case

  • Cost varies based on the number of convictions and how many different courts are involved
  • A simple case of one arrest in one court starts at $750
  • We will prepare all the forms and documents necessary for your case
  • We will send your case files to the courts
  • We will coordinate with the courts to get all documents signed

Congratulations! Your records are sealed

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You Have Questions about Sealing Your Records. I Have Answers.

What is the ACIC (Arkansas Crime Information Center)?

The ACIC is the organization that serves as the clearinghouse for all records in the criminal justice agencies in Arkansas. They maintain your complete conviction record of all offenses in Arkansas courts.

Before we take on any case, we obtain a copy of your ACIC records, evaluate the report to determine if and how we can clear your records, and how much it will cost to do so.

How long does it take to research my ACIC report?

The ACIC uses fax and snail mail. Once we submit your form, we usually get the report back in 3 to 5 business days. Once we receive our official conviction report, we will have our assessment done in one business day.

How long does it take to seal my records?

For most situations, we can have your records sealed in about 30 days. That isn’t a guarantee. Different courts have different processes. We’ve worked with every court in the state and can navigate those hurdles. 

Will you guarantee results?

We will not. The only things I can guarantee are death and taxes. 

For sealing records, we do my research before I take on your case. If I don’t think we will be successful, I will tell you. 

For the misdemeanor cases, the chances of sealing them are 99% with a few rare exceptions. For that reason, I cannot guarantee your records will be sealed– and neither can anyone else.

Can I get my felony convictions sealed?

Felony convictions are more complicated than misdemeanors. If your conviction falls under Act 346, aka, the “first-time offender act” then it is highly likely your records can be sealed. (Act 346 is the only situation where sealing records will restore your gun rights.) 

These cases are more complicated and require additional steps to prepare. Our research on the front-end let’s us know if whether or not we should proceed with your case.

If you have a felony conviction, we will discuss options for you in your free consultation call.  

What misdemeanors are a problem to seal?

Some misdemeanors, such as DWI, have a waiting period before they are sealed.

Am I eligible?

If your convictions are 1) in Arkansas 2) misdemeanors 3) and all sentences are served, you are most likely eligible. Felonies have more restrictions.

Let’s do the ACIC Criminal Records Research to find out for sure.  


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