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Arkansas Shoplifting Law

Shoplifting: the act of taking or intention of taking an item in a place of business that person would not pay money in exchange for an item. In Arkansas shoplifting is charged with Theft of Property.

Punishment for Shoplifting

Most punishments will depend on the value of the item stolen. However, most punishments range from a misdemeanor to felony charges. The following shows fines, punishments, and the amount of money value stolen: Continue reading

Arkansas Shoplifting and Petty Theft Laws

Defining Theft Under Arkansas Law

Theft occurs when a person knowingly (Ark. Code Ann. § 5-36-103.):

  • takes another person’s property with the intent of depriving the owner of the property,
  • exercises unauthorized control over another person’s property
  • makes an unauthorized transfer of a property interest, or
  • takes another person’s property by deception or threat.

Arkansas laws identifies several specific types of theft, including: Continue reading

Arkansas Theft Crime and Shoplifting Crime Definitions

Theft and Shoplifting Definitions you might need to know

Antishoplifting or inventory control device means a mechanism or other device designed and operated for the purpose of detecting the removal from a store or business establishment or from a protected area within a store or business establishment;

Article means any object, material, device, or substance or copy of an object, material, device, or substance, including any writing, record, recording, drawing, sample, specimen, prototype, model, photograph, microorganism, blueprint, or map;

Copy means any facsimile, replica, photograph, or other reproduction of an article, and any note, drawing, or sketch made of or from an article;

Deception means: Continue reading