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Drug Court Expungements in Arkansas

Two groups of offenders who qualify for sealing of records.

  1. Those undergoing a current drug court program as the Court supervising such offenders can order expungement of the offenses to which the offender pleaded to in that particular court; and
  2. Individuals, who in addition to the above, have other convictions in other courts they wish to have expunged. Continue reading

My Child Received a Minor in Possession

The dangers of alcohol are drilled into our heads from childhood, especially the harmful effects it can have on the young mind and body. Transitioning from a child to a young adult can bring on a lot of emotional and physical changes. Experimenting and stepping outside of comfort zones is a regular part of development during this confusing time. We all remember being young and irresponsible, but possession of alcohol under the age of 21 is still illegal in the United States. 

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Possession – How Can I Help My University of Arkansas Student?

University students often face additional issues aside from dealing with the criminal system when they get into trouble. Charges of possession, for example, can be confusing, but with our help, we will guide you through the process. Your University of Arkansas student may also hear from the Office of Student Standards and Conduct (“OSSC”) after an arrest.  Having some knowledge about dealing with the OSSC disciplinary process can help you guide your University of Arkansas student. Continue reading

Arkansas Public Intoxication Laws

Public Intoxication

Someone commits the offense of public intoxication if they appear in a public place under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance causing the following;

  • The person is likely to endanger himself or herself or another person or property; or
  • The person unreasonably annoys a person in his or her vicinity

Arkansas courts have decided that admitting to drinking two beverages at a private location combined with an officer testimony was enough evidence. If the officer witnessed any of the; “smell of alcohol; watery eyes, blurry, and glassy; and behavior” there is sufficient evidence to support a charge of public intoxication. Continue reading

Arkansas Possession Laws

What is a Controlled Substance in Arkansas?

A controlled substance is a drug falling in the unlicensed spectrum, which can affect or harm a person health and future wellbeing. The classification of controlled substances in Arkansas is divided up into six schedules that are arranged by their dependency of abuse, addictiveness, and possible medical use. The Arkansas State Board of Health determines what substances are considered a Controlled Substance. The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) recognize historical patterns of abuse, current scientific evidence, federal laws, public health and the risk for individuals to become dependent. Continue reading